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 Diploma Program Structure

The table below outlines the streams indicating the core courses and the options.

  • Column A lists the pre-requisite courses that students would be expected to have prior to admission to the IT Diploma programs. Students could apply for conditional admission to enable them to obtain missing pre-requisites at UW.

  • Column B lists the core requirements that are common to both Diplomas.

  • Column C lists the courses in the ISA option: Diploma in Information System Assurance

  • Column D lists the courses in the BIT option: Diploma in Business Information Technology






Common Core Courses for Both Diplomas

Additional Courses for Diploma in Information Systems Assurance

Additional Courses for Diploma in Business Information Technology

IT User Skills
(CS101 or equivalent)

ACC 620
Enterprise IT Architecture and Management

Rudy de Haas

IT Security

Gary Baker

ACC 625
IT Strategic Planning

Ed O'Odonnell

Intro to Business Systems
(ACC 241 or equivalent)

ACC 621
Systems Reliability Principles and Controls

Don Sheehy

ACC 626 a
IT Assurance Services
(1/2 course)

Malik Datardina

ACC 627 a
Business Process Enablement/
(1/2 course)

Nancy Vandenbosch

ACC 626 b
Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques
(1/2 course)

Malik Datardina

ACC 627 b
Project Management
(1/2 course)

Carla Carnaghan

System Acquisition, Development, Implementation and Maintenance
(ACC 442 or equivalent)

Business Technology Law

Darren Charters

Assurance Project IT Strategy Project
Work experience ACC 622

Gerald Trites
ISA Conference

Speaker Series

BIT Conference

Speaker Series

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