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System Reliability Principles and Criteria


This course will address the risks and the challenges that users, management, investors and other stakeholder encounter when companies rely on information technology to facilitate the input, processing, storage, and output of financial and related information.




Information Technology Governance





ACC 620

Enterprise IT Architecture and Management


This course will address the supportive role of IT in achieving business strategies, focusing on key elements of enterprise IT architecture such as: physical infrastructure (including networks), enterprise software, business processes (including transaction processing), data organization and access methods (including databases) and organizational structures and IT governance processes.



ACC 621

System Reliability Principles and Criteria


This course will address the principles of reliable systems including availability, security, integrity and maintainability risks and control practices that can contribute to systems reliability.



AC C 622

Electronic Commerce


This course will address the features and related implementation issues of electronic commerce systems, including order processing, payment, fulfillment, integration with other entity systems and related issues of management, performance measurement and control.



ACC 623

Business Technology Law


This course will demonstrate how legal issues insinuate themselves into most management activities, including those of IT oriented firms. It will provide an introduction to legal issues impacting business professionals generally and an examination of legal issues that create obligations and opportunities unique to the IT field.



ACC 624

IT Security


This course will cover the principles underlying leading management approaches and technologies to ensuring security and privacy of information.
Prerequisite: ACC 621



ACC 625

IT Strategic Planning


This course will be based on case studies of strategic use of information technologies and will address the broad issues of the effective use of IT for competitive advantage. This course will also address the appropriate process to be followed in evaluating investments and IT projects, acquisitions, and portfolios.



ACC 626

IT Assurance and Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques


This course will address audit considerations and other assurance services in computer-based information systems.

Prerequisite: ACC 621



ACC 627

Business Process Enablement and Project Management


This course will cover methods of improving business processes and managing related organizational change.



ACC 628

Information Systems Development


This course will cover the systems development lifecycle and the key tasks performed during the key phases of systems development, including project definition, analysis of user requirements, design, implementation and maintenance.



ACC 629

Information Systems Management


This course will cover key responsibilities of management in connection with information technology including planning, leading, directing and controlling.

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